Management Consulting

Delivering the next evolution of management consulting across strategy, enterprise optimization and business growth to our valued clients.
  • Strategic Planning

  • Board Governance

  • Organizational Effectiveness

Nexstar provides comprehensive strategic solutions aimed at maximizing shareholder value.

Expertise in Strategic Planning, Board Governance and Organizational Effectiveness have produced breakthrough results for multiple clients.

Recent engagements include:

Building Envelope Manufacturer/Constructor

Conduct a qualitative and quantitative assessment of executive and senior management team members using balanced scorecard, nimble executive measure and other analytical methods supported by interview processes and review of company’s strategic objectives. Recommend executive restructuring, along with identification of critical functional threats, and strategies for their resolution to achieve company objectives. Introduction of enterprise risk management processes to curtail risk profile and turn risks into opportunities.

Pipeline, Facilities & Maintenance company
Support the Board of Directors and Executive Team to competitively position the company for market diversification, broader revenue streams and long term growth.

Forestry & Logistics
Supporting the CEO at the CFO & COO level to: Deliver desired strategic outcomes; Increase enterprise value, drive operational efficiency and improve profitability; Evaluate strategic levers to boost morale and momentum; Develop/deliver Strategic Planning inclusive of operational, KPIs and strategic objectives; Pivot options for long term value inclusive of organic & acquisitive growth strategies.

Aboriginal Contracting
Inaugural CEO & COO position development, leading the company to build value and maximize profitability while meaningfully engaging the communities the client operated in. Taking the long term view, established the vision, culture, strategy, and structure to deliver strong risk-weighted returns and sustainable growth together with the talented management team.

Geotechnical Engineering & Material Testing
Assessment of international business opportunities, liaison and negotiation with potential strategic partners abroad and navigation of contractual/legal requirements to mitigate inherent risks, turning them into opportunities.

  • Operations & Project Management
  • Finance
  • Contracts & Commercial

Nexstar excels at assessing people, procceses and policies through which a comprehensive organizational plan is developed.

Primary focus is on Operations, Finance as well as Contracts & Commercial Strategy

Recent engagements include:

Building Envelope Manufacturer/Constructor

Detailed organizational and performance review of the construction arm of the company and restructuring it to unlock its potential under current tight market conditions. Development of policies and processes in areas of project and construction management, project controls and finance, quality management and commercial/contractual risk management along with training/mentoring of existing employees in these disciplines.  Development of a dispute resolution and negotiation strategy on an on-going project to mitigate critical contractual risks and provide innovative solutions while simultaneously overseeing the construction process and improving the project outcome.

Land Development

Turn-key prjoect delivery, spanning a variety of residential, mixed-use developments and select commercial projects from conception to close-out.  We have made a significant impact throughout communities in Canada by leveraging our vast expertise whilst building long term relationships.  

Pipeline, Facilities & Maintenance company
Supporting divisional Vice Presidents in areas of project management, project controls and commercial strategy including implementation of enterprise-wide, cloud-based project controls software.

Forestry & Logistics
Through embedding operational expertise, deliver practical solutions to operational challenges by improving processes, employee morale, decision making, accounting efficiency and operational risk mitigation.

BC Gold Mine Dispute Resolution
Successfully developing operational, commercial, and legal options for a construction claim valued at 24% of original contract value with anticipated rate of recovery exceeding client targets.

Nexstar’s Contract Strategy & Risk Framework combines the Power of 3 to deliver effective risk and dispute solutions, cemented by breakthrough results.

  • Business Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Nexstar deploys a proven business development strategy which expands funnels, growth opportunities and competitively positions clients to gain market share.

Nexstar’s track record in developing new markets through a concerted marketing and business development campaign, in line with an overall growth strategy, is a hallmark of our core service offering.

Nexstar’s expertise span from highly effective Business Development prowess, utilizing personable and meaningful relationship building, through precise brand positioning to expertise in non-organic growth through Mergers & Acquisitions.

Recent BD successes across multiple sectors:

Pipeline, Facilities & Maintenance company
Competitively position client for accretive growth whilst enhancing commercial strategies to support the execution of Pipeline, Facility and Integrity scopes across Western Canada.

Expansion of a company’s service offering through the acquisition of a support service provider to enhance the former’s capabilities in consolidating profits. Nexstar’s assignment includes identification of potential M&A targets, initiating and managing contacts, performing risk-based initial assessments, completing due-diligence, overseeing M&A completion process, as well as providing guidance and assistance in executive and operational integration.

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