AR/VR Solutions

In the final analysis when it comes to successful engineering, construction, commissioning and maintenance imagine a world where you can make informed decisions with critical data consolidated and visibly available at your fingertips from the coalface to the C-suite.
Make better decisions in an AR/VR environment.
Strategic Framework

Nexstar’s innovative AR/VR technology offers a transformative integration system facilitating real-time data analytics within an Augmented or Virtual Reality (AR/VR) environment. Subsequent to business need definition, three phase of implementation take place:

1 | Data Analytics

  • Data Capture
  • Data Integrity
  • Standardization
2 | Platform Integration

  • Multiple-platform optimization
  • Data transfer protocols
  • System integration
3 | AR/VR Application

  • Case specific system development
  • Customized solutions
  • Flexible interfaces (on-screen 3D, AR &/or VR)

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