Purposeful value creation & limitless growth.

Management Consulting | M&A Advisory | AR/VR  Solutions

Why Nexstar?

At Nexstar our purpose is simple. We passionately build value together. The founders and experts at Nexstar bring a wealth of diverse leadership experience supporting companies and organizations to activate strategic, tactical, and capital improvement options.

Our ability to engineer strategic turnarounds and deliver project outcomes through hands-on oversight and reliable expertise enables us to stand out from the pack. 


Management Consulting

Ask bigger questions? Ready to unlock the next evolution of strategy, enterprise optimization and growth?

M&A Advisory

Thinking of selling your business, acquiring a core compliment or divesting non-core assets? Nexstar’s broad M&A Capability supports firms throughout the M&A life cycle from strategy to integration.

AR/VR Solutions

Looking to move the needle? AR/VR is the way, find out how our disruptive technology can help you make better business decisions, reliably in real time.


  • Clear Vision
  • Align Culture & Values

Initially, within a relatively short period, a thorough assessment is completed defining client requirements whilst combining qualitative and quantitative analysis by embedded Nexstar experts to map existing strategic and operational efficiency profiles of the organization.

  • Strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Execution
  • Teamwork
  • Process & Systems

A comprehensive strategy and improvement framework are developed with specific achievable actions to maximize value creation both financially and operationally.

  • Transformative Outcomes
  • Growth Catalysts
  • Legacy Value

The developed programs can then be easily implemented by the organization through internal resources or through the assistance and guidance of Nexstar ensuring a smooth transition towards the desired objectives.

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At Nexstar Enterprises we purposefully create value and limitless growth, together. Through our innovative strategic framework and reliable team of experts we deliver the next evolution of management consulting, M&A Advisory and AR/VR solutions North America wide with a strong local presence across Western Canada.


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