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Thinking of selling your business, acquiring a complimentary one, or divesting non-core assets?

Despite the ongoing steep market differentials associated with limited Canadian market access and lingering geopolitical risk across the globe, in our estimation the Canadian energy market is poised to ascend from capitulation to recovery this year.   

  • Zooming out: compelling discrepancies between value and price are providing a tailwind for further consolidation across markets, and the correlation is not spurious.  

  • Zooming in: Retiring founders are ready to move on and pass on the torch to the next generation of capable management teams and effective capital allocators, whether private equity or strategic.  

 Why Nexstar?

M&A professionals at Nexstar have closed deals across North America with local expertise in Western Canada. Our approach is unique in offering our clients:

  • Target screening relevant strategic and private-equity prospects
  • M&A strategy inclusive of strategic move to scaleability and synergy
  • Integration (planning and execution)
  • First hand knowledge of prevailing valuations in the industry
  • Stronger Deals. Better Fit

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At Nexstar Enterprises we purposefully create value and limitless growth, together. Through our innovative strategic framework and reliable team of experts we deliver the next evolution of management consulting, M&A Advisory and AR/VR solutions North America wide with a strong local presence across Western Canada.


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